Langhe DOC Arneis

Variety  Arneis


Production Zone

In the Langhe area, only the hills that were formed in recent geological eras still have a thick mantle of loose earth on the surface, which is comprised of very fine silt, quartz sand and layers of friable limestone. It is on this soil that the Arneis grapes find the ideal conditions to fully express their potential.

Cultivation of the Wineyard

The vines are upwards-trained with vertical-trellised Guyot system on steep hills.

Weather trend


The grapes are collected and quickly taken to the cellar where they are destemmed and delicately crushed. After that, the grapes are softly pressed and the resulting wine is fermented in thermo-conditioned steel tanks at a low temperature. Then the wine is stored in steel tanks or cement tasks lined with fiberglass to preserve its typical, fresh fragrance. Sitting in contact with the lees for a long period of time makes this wine long-lived and capable of evolving even further when it is uncorked and poured in the glass.


Sensory characteristics

The wine is a pale straw-yellow and sometimes it has light antique gold hues. The aroma is fruity with fragrant scents of peach flowers, acacia and hawthorn. The taste is fresh, flavorful, fragrant and lightly mineral.

Food Matches

Langhe Arneis is well-matched with delicate, tasty appetizers, such as veal with tuna sauce or vegetable flan, light first courses, boiled or stewed white meat, raw or marinated fish.

Serving temperature 8° C (46° F)

Alcohol degrees  12.5% Vol


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