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Harvest 2003

Another great year

Harvest 2003

After a short break with the 2002 vintage, considered to be good, we return to lofty levels with the 2003.

The weather conditions were really special, but more than optimal, they produced a harvest that is unbelievable. For a budding slightly late (about 15 days) due to the rains and the cold of early spring was followed by a particularly hot and dry which has led to an advance veraison for all cultivated varieties (mid-July to the Dolcetto, the end of July for the Barolo). In the early days of September we have witnessed a change in weather conditions that, while remaining guided by the good weather, have recorded a general and sudden drop in temperatures, conditions that were maintained, appropriately interspersed with some very light rain. The hot, dry weather has allowed a perfect withering on the vine Muscat grapes for the production of “Spricì”, after cutting the branch carried out at the end of August. The harvesting of the white varieties (Cortese, Moscato, Chardonnay and Arneis) had been completed within the first ten days of September, with average high alcoholic gradation, balanced acids and aromas promising. Even the harvest of Dolcetto was completed in the first fortnight of September, and the results indicate that we are in the basement in front of wine with great potential, with good alcohol levels, balanced acidity and intense colors. The beautiful weather and the excellent health of the grapes allowed a collection with no worries of Barbera and Nebbiolo vineyards where the various maturation had reached the optimum point.
The wines, consequently, are very rich in color and extract, with balanced acidity in correspondence of the high alcohol content and a remarkable ability to aging.

We can then consider the year 2003 as a harvest EXCEPTIONAL.