Asti Spumante DOCG

Variety  Moscato


Production Zone

The Marchesi di Barolo Asti Spumante is produced from grapes grown in the finest vineyards in Alba and Neive.

Cultivation of the Wineyard

Low Guyot on hills with good inclines and prevalently calcareous-clayey soils.

Weather trend


Harvest time: Beginning of September. Soft pressing of the hand-picked grapes, followed by refrigeration of the must to prevent fermentation. The must is stocked in refrigeration cells at -2° degrees C. (32° F.) waiting to be processed later (for the development of the foam).


Sensory characteristics

Persistent foam and fine, abundant perlage. The color is straw-yellow with gold reflections. Intense, aromatic odor tending to develop scents of orange blossoms. Sweet and bubbly flavor with hints of the olfactory sensations. Development of effervescence:the must obtained from the grapes pressed at the time of harvest is fermented under pressure in large sealed tanks so that the carbon dioxide remains dissolved in the wine. When it has developed 7 degrees of alcohol, the wine is refrigerated to halt fermentation. Filtration and cold, sterile bottling follow.

Food Matches

This sweet and aromatic wine is a classic companion for desserts. It makes a superb accompaniment for sweet dishes on all festive occasions.

Serving temperature 8°C (46° F)

Alcohol degrees  6.5% Vol


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