Malvasia di Castelnuovo Don Bosco DOC

Variety  Malvasia di Schierano


Production Zone

The grapes used in the production of our Malvasia come from vineyards grown on hills characterized by medium slurry marl dominated by quartzes sand and silt, that can bring an abundance of trace elements while ensuring an immediate expression of the bouquet.

Cultivation of the Wineyard

The vines are grown with Guyot (VSP trellised) system. The vineyards are located on hills of good slope.

Weather trend


The grape, freshly picked, arrives in the cellar intact and is rapidly de-stemmed and gently pressed to extract from the peel and the outer area the grape only the most noble and aromatic fractions. The must is chilled immediately until the next partial fermentation in autoclave, so that the carbon dioxide, which gives lively mousse, remains partially dissolved in the wine. The fermentation is then stopped by refrigeration, in order to leave abundant sugar residues.


Sensory characteristics

The perlage is fine and persistent. The color is pale pink, almost cherry. The aromatic scent is intense and reminiscent of the musky, with clear scents of wild berries, blueberries and wild strawberries. The flavor is sweet, slightly sparkling and It reminds to the olfactory sensations.

Food Matches

Since this is a sweet and aromatic wine is a classic to combine with fruit tarts and little pastry. An ideal companion in moments of celebration, Malvasia is also a nice refreshing drink at any time of the day, especially after sports efforts.

Serving temperature 8-10°C (46-50°F)

Alcohol degrees  6 % vol.


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