Variety  Nebbiolo


Production Zone

The Nebbiolo grape is a very eclectic wine. From the hills of calcareous clay extracts abundance of trace elements that enrich the structure, from the rich soils of quartz sand and silt picks fragrance and fruity. The presence of the variety grape Michet, characterized by small and sparse clusters, gives the wine color and extract. This union creates a wine of great completeness and harmony with a wide and immediate expression of the bouquet.

Cultivation of the Wineyard

The vines are grown with Guyot (VSP trellised) system on hills with good inclines.

Weather trend


Grapes are collected exclusively by hand, quickly brought to the cellar for destalking and soft pressing to extract from the peel and the outer area of the grape only the most noble and aromatic fractions. Fermentation, at a controlled temperature, takes place in thermo-conditioned tanks. Maceration is about 8 days long, during this time the fermenting wine is regularly recycled from the bottom to the top of the tank in order to take all the trace elements present on skins and to extract slowly the color. Wine is racked when all the sugar is converted into alcohol.


The wine is then racked into concrete tanks, that are lined with fiberglass and insulated by cork where it remains for a long time the post-fermentation temperature 22° degrees C. (72° F.). In these concrete tanks, Malolactic fermentation begins spontaneously and is completed within the end of November. The wine is aged for one year, a part in Slavonian oak barrels and the other part in little French oak barrels. Assembled in traditional large Slavonian oak casks, Nebbiolo d’Alba goes to the market from December the 1th following harvest year. The Nebbiolo d’Alba Michet reaches its maturity after 2 years from the harvest and matures further between 2 and 8 years.

Sensory characteristics

The color is ruby red, tending to garnet. The fragrance combines the fruity aromas of raspberry and those ethereal and spicy of violet and vanilla flower. The taste is balanced and harmonious, with sweet tannins, never too much in evidence. The boisé fragrance is particularly delicate.

Food Matches

Given its structure, an excellent wine to taste appetizers, pasta dishes with rich sauces, roasted or stewed meats. Good wine with ham and salami and seasoned cheeses.

Serving temperature  18° degrees C. (64° F)

Alcohol degrees   13 Vol.%.

Bottle  Magnum 1500 ml.

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