Barbera d’Asti DOCG Rurè
Rurè 巴贝拉

品种 Barbera

类型 : 


Barbera is undoubtedly the most traditional grape variety grown in the hills of the Asti area. The grapes come from vineyards characterized by a largely marly-clay soil that has traces of quartz sand and silt. This soil composition ensures that the wine is fragrant and robust, yet balanced, and that its ample bouquet is well-developed.


The vines are trained upwards on a vertical-trellised Guyot system on steep hills.


The grapes are collected and quickly taken to the cellar where they are de-stemmed and softly crushed to extract only the most noble and aromatic parts from the skins and the outer portion of the grape. Fermentation takes place in thermo-conditioned tanks at the controlled temperature of 27-28° C (81-82° F). Maceration lasts for 8 days during which the wine is regularly pumped over from the bottom to the top of the tank so that the must takes on all the trace elements present in the skins and delicately extracts the color. The wine is racked when it is almost completely dry.


The wine is aged in traditional Slavonian oak barrels that enhance its harmony and balance, increasing the elegance of the bouquet.


The color is a lively, bright, deep ruby-red. As it ages it will acquire garnet reflections. The nose is fresh and fruity, reminiscent of blackberry and red fruit jam, and it has spicy scents of vanilla and toasted hazelnut. Its taste is full-bodied and robust, with a slight touch of tartness. The woody characteristic is evident, however, it blends nicely with the other traits.


Its organoleptic characteristics make this Barbera a great pairing with savory first courses and white or red meats. It is also an ideal companion for cheese plates and cured meats.

最佳饮用温度  18° C (64° F)

酒精度  13% Vol


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