Barolo DOCG Cannubi 2005-10 years
坎奴比‧巴罗洛 2005 - 10年

品种 100% Nebbiolo

类型 : 


Cannubi is a long, gently sloping hill right in the middle of the Barolo area. Here the Helvetian and the Tortonian soils blend together forming a combination of clays and very fine sand saturated with a significant amount of limestone (marls of Sant’Agata fossils). Surrounded by higher hills, the Cannubi hill is protected from storms and high winds and it benefits from a unique microclimate. The characteristics of the soil and the extraordinary microclimate give Cannubi an exceptional completeness and balance, harmony between structure and aromas and remarkably elegant tannins, making this Barolo not just a pleasure to drink, but also a wine with a long lifespan.


The vines are trained with the Guyot system on vertical trellises with a density of 4,000 vines per hectare.

Weather trend
In 2005, Cannubi experienced very unusual weather. The winter was mild and it rained very little, spring was cool and was followed by a particularly warm summer with unseasonably low temperatures in August. In September, there were dramatic swings in temperatures between day and night, which was the perfect climate for the final maturation of the grapes. The combination of these exceptional weather conditions contributed to producing loosely-packed bunches of grapes that were high in sugar content and full of aromatic substances.


The grapes were collected and quickly taken to the cellar where they were destemmed and delicately crushed to extract only the most noble and aromatic notes from the peel and the outer area of the berries. Fermentation took place at a controlled temperature. Maceration lasted for 10 days during which the must was enriched by the trace elements, color and tannins from the skins. The first racking was done when the fermentation process was completed. Malolactic fermentation ended spontaneously in the two following months.


The Cannubi grapes developed a structure and the makings of a vintage that typically requires a long maturation period. To shape this potential and transform it into elegance, the producer decided to age Cannubi 2005 slowly, in traditional, large-scale oak casks, then in stainless steel tanks where it amalgamated in the coolest part of our wine cellar.


Red in colour with ruby reflections. The intense floral and spicy nose blends harmoniously with the woody aroma that enhances this already complex wine. The flavor is full, austere and elegant with abundant, fully expressed tannins that at the same time are soft and pleasant.
A unique experience that is worth a ten-year wait …


Barolo Cannubi is well-matched with rich first courses, boiled or braised red meats and game. Ideal companion also for seasoned cheese

最佳饮用温度 18° C (64° F)

酒精度  14% Vol


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