Barolo DOCG Sarmassa 2009 - 10 years
萨玛沙‧巴罗洛 2009 - 10年

品种 100% Nebbiolo

类型 : 


Sarmassa is located on a south-eastern facing slope. Despite the fact that the surrounding area originated in the Tortonian era, from a geological perspective, significant soil erosion due to the steep slope of the hill, caused the soil to take on the typical characteristics of the Helvetian period. Therefore, it is composed mainly of clay and limestone and has a very substantial percentage of stones. The significant quantity of stones, combined with clay, limits the growth of the Nebbiolo grape and prepares the vines to react quickly to climatic variations, enabling clusters to ripen perfectly.


The vines are upwards-trained on a vertical-trellised Guyot system with a density of 4,000 vines per hectare.

Spring began regularly and had an average climatic trend; the beginning of summer was not particularly hot, the weather was variable and few isolated rains occurred.
Since the end of August there has been a long period of stable and sunny weather, with mild temperatures during the day and cool ones at night, which have favoured the perfect ripening of the grapes.
The fortunate climatic conditions of September and October and the excellent care of the vineyards, have allowed to obtain healthy and perfectly ripe grapes in the harvest.


The grapes were collected and quickly taken to the cellar where they were destemmed and delicately crushed to extract only the most noble and aromatic notes from the peel and the outer area of the berries. Fermentation took place at a controlled temperature. Maceration lasted for 10 days during which the must was enriched by the trace elements, color and tannins from the skins. The first racking was done when the fermentation process was completed. Malolactic fermentation ended spontaneously in the two following months.


The wine aged for two years, part in Slavonian oak barrels (30 or 35 hectoliters / 792-924 U.S. gallons) and the other part in small French oak barrels (225 liters / 59 U.S. gallons). The two parts were then blended in traditional big oak barrels. The wine completed its fining in the bottle before going onto the market.


Deep garnet red color with elegant ruby nuances. The bouquet is intense, with distinct traces of wild rose, licorice, cinnamon and nutmeg, as well as delicate pine resin aromas. The taste is rich, elegant and full-bodied. The tannins, still present but tame, blend well with an important and persuasive structure.
A unique experience that is worth a ten-year wait …


Barolo Sarmassa is well-matched with traditional Langhe egg pasta, tajarin and meat-stuffed ravioli, as well as with roasts, stews, braised meats and game. It is also the ideal companion for goat’s milk and mildly-aged cheeses.

最佳饮用温度 18° C (64° F)

酒精度  14.5% Vol


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