Barolo DOCG Riserva 2010
巴罗洛珍藏 2010

品种 100% Nebbiolo

类型 : 


The grapes come from vineyards made up of soil that is particularly rich in clay and limestone and looks like “White Lands”. This type of compact, waterproof soil forces the vine roots to grow deep in the soil profile to find water. As a result, the vine produces loosely-packed bunches with small berries that give the wine a high content of mineral nutrients and tannins and ensure a long life.


The vines are upwards-trained on a vertical-trellised Guyot system on steep hills.


The grapes are collected and quickly taken to the cellar where they are destemmed and softly pressed to extract only the most noble and aromatic parts from the skins and the outer portion of the grape. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature in thermo-conditioned tanks. Maceration lasts for 10 days. During this time, the wine is regularly recycled from the bottom to the top of the tank so that the must takes on all the trace elements present in the skins and delicately extracts the color. The first racking is done when the natural sugars of the grapes are totally converted to alcohol.


The wine is racked in cement tanks, which are lined with fiberglass and isolated by cork to maintain the post-fermentation temperature of 22° C (72° F) for an extended period. In this way, malolactic fermentation starts spontaneously and is completed rapidly. In order to enhance its richness and allow the various components to blend perfectly for a fully-expressed, long-lasting wine, Barolo Riserva ages three years in the traditional large Slavonian oak barrels, which contribute to making this wine harmonious and balanced and to enhancing the elegance of the bouquet. Barolo Riserva completes its fining in the bottle and can go onto the market only after about 6 years from harvest. Its peak condition is after it reaches 30 years of age.


The color is deep garnet red, which is gradually permeated with orange reflections over the years. The nose is intense with distinct traces of violet, rose and spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg, which, over time, evolve into aromas of tobacco, leather, truffle. The taste is elegant, dry and austere as well as velvety, harmonious, and intense. Its tannins are abundant, fully-expressed yet soft and pleasant.


Barolo Riserva is the ideal companion for egg pasta, ravioli and tajarin with tasty sauces such as game ragout and truffles, red meats, roasted or braised meats and game. It pairs beautifully with sheep and goat’s milk cheeses and mildly-seasoned cheeses. Enjoying this wine, at the end of the meal with a tea biscuit makes for a curious combination. When aged for a long time, it is a magnificent meditation wine.

最佳饮用温度 18° C (64° F)

酒精度  14% Vol


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